Making the Perfect Bed

This knowby provides a step-by-step guide with some secret tricks-of-the-trade to help you make a flawless bed!

This knowby provides a step-by-step guide with some secret tricks-of-the-trade to help you make a flawless bed!


Check the mattress and the mattress protector of any stains damages or hair. Use the lint roller on the mattress protector to remove any loose hair or items.


Stay at the base of the mattress and place the bed sheet on top. While placing the bed sheet ensure to check for any stains and damages. The bed sheet should be free of any creases.


Ensure that you have the inside of the bed sheets facedown, including the label. Once you throw the bed sheet on the mattress, go around the mattress and tuck the sheet in, starting from the headboard.


Ensure that each corner of the bedsheet is firmly tucked in.


Once the bedsheet is fitted properly on the mattress, start with the duvet cover. After checking for any stains and damages and ensuring it is crease free, place the duvet cover flat on the bed, with the opening side facing you.


Try to get a little air inside through the opening of the duvet cover. Take the duvets two corners with the label in your hand and start putting it through the duvet covers opening inside.


Reach the two corresponding corners of the duvet cover and the duvet's corner from inside, then use one hand to grab the corners from outside, one by one.


Once you have grip of the duvets with the duvet cover on the two upper corners, shake well, in order to have the two remaining corners of the duvet in their corresponding corners.


Place the duvet with cover on the bed and adjust any remaining edges with your hands sliding through the duvet cover.


Ensure the top edge of the duvet cover touches the headboard of the bed exactly, and fold the top part of to duvet neatly down about 50 centimetres.


Ensure that the duvet is hanging evenly on all sides.


Fold the corners of the duvet in at the bottom of the bed.


Start putting the pillow covers on for all pillows after checking that they are stain free and do not have any damage. Also ensure that they have no creases and the labels are inside the covers.


Flatten and straighten the pillows one by one, and start placing them on the bed against the headboard at a 90 degree angle, having the open side of the pillow covers hidden from the guests visibility.


Ensure all the pillows are placed evenly on each side of the bed. Place any available decorative cushions next to the pillows.


Step back and have a final check of the presentation of the bed from each side. Your bed is now made and ready to welcome guests.